About Us

Woolf Works is a community and a shared workspace for women, located in a beautiful rooftop office on Carpenter Street, in central Singapore. Our members are freelancers, business owners, writers, remote corporate workers, flexi-workers, coaches, consultants and ‘thinking-about-it-preneurs’. 

We are the first women-only coworking space in all of South and South East Asia and we have grown a strong and vibrant community of diverse and creative women.

Woolf Works was named after Virginia Woolf, whose book A Room of One’s Own was published in 1929. We love that, even eighty-five years ago, Woolf knew that women needed a separate space in order to ‘produce art’.

 We know working from home can be lonely, full of distractions and really uninspiring.

Coworking is a perfect match for women trying to balance a growing business with a growing family.


Our space is calm, quiet and conducive to really focused work.

We have a community of like-minded women who are great for a chat over the coffee machine, for feedback on the colour of a logo – or to loan you a phone charger if you’ve forgotten yours.

Our space can also provide opportunities for your business – through collaborations and referrals within our community and wider networks. Woolf Works strives to add value to our members wherever we can and we are always looking for ways to support and connect our members.

Our memberships are varied and flexible to meet the needs of our busy members. You can choose to split your days in half to work around kids’ school hours, for example, or you could come in just one or two days a week for full-time, super-productive days, leaving the rest of the week for your other needs.

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We love our growing and thriving community, and we are proud to provide ‘a room of their own’ – in line with our namesake, Virginia Woolf’s statement.

We look forward to a future surrounded by productive, focused and successful women.


Woolf Works has proudly been featured in the following Singaporean and global media:

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