Introduction to Belly Dance

Thursday, March 23, 2017 @ 07:30 PM

Introduction to Belly Dance

Belly dance has its origin in ancient times when people offered their dance for other women, usually during sacred events like fertility rites or pre-marriage ceremonies in Middle East, Mediterranean, and Northeastern Africa. It wasn't until the early 20th century that belly dancing began to appear worldwide at public events such as restaurants, carnivals, and fairs. Now it became one of the most popular dances for women in the world. Belly dance also carries a unique essence as a healing dance for all women. This mystical dance will let us relax our mind, release our body tension especially on the sacral area and take us into an ultimate inner journey to explore our divine feminine.


This class will start moving with simple yet rich belly dance movements such as Circle, Spiral, Infinity loop, Undulation, Hip drop and Shimmy…many goodness of belly dance movement! Then we will combine these movements along with music. During the class, movements will be repeated again and again until your body will feel comfortable and connected. All movements are completely natural and nourishing for women’s body. Flowing your body with conscious breathing, your mind will be relaxed and your body will be fully awakened.


This class is for all level. All women are welcome to the night of Relaxercise.

Where: Woolf Works, on the beautiful roof terrace, 19 Carpenter Street, #05-01

When: March 23rd, Thursday 19:30 - 21:00

What to wear: Comfortable dance wear

Cost: Free Registration, $35 cash on the door.



About the Organizer


Belly Dancer & Instructress

Nashwa means bliss in Arabic. When she was 19, she took her first belly dance class with Mishaal (U.S.), international oriental dance artist as well as founder and creative director of Devadasi studio in Tokyo. Since then, she has been fascinated by this mystical sacred dance.

In 2007, she was invited to be a member of professional dance ensemble directed by Mishaal. As a member of this troop, she was lucky to have a rich performance experiences such as Fujirock festival (2008 and 2012), Tokyo Girls Collection (2008 and 2012), front act for international dance artists; Ahmet Lulet (Turkey), Ansuya (U.S.A), Collena Shakti (India), Farasha(U.S.A), Meera(U.S.A), etc…). Nashwa has a reputation for her mystical improvisational style with deep ambient music. In 2008, she became an instructress at Devadasi studio and took charge of various classes from beginner to advanced as well as chakra belly dance, leading with her passion. She dedicated herself to hold beloved community within Devadasi studio as Instructress, assistant, and translator after Mishaal moved to Bali 7 years ago.

Nashwa believes belly dance is a beautiful gift from the Universe. Rooted in ancient wisdom and mysticism, it is a dance for all women to be healed and awakened. Belly dance is not a dance for other’s pleasure, but for women to feel the true beauty within themselves. It is a delight for her to share its essence, and connect women through sacred temple dance.

In July 2016, she moved to Singapore to explore a new chapter of her life. She found a company called Nashwa bliss. PTE. LTD. with her passion and mission to contribute to community’s healthy holistic life style by offering sacred belly dance classes and delivering organic & raw goodness.

"Let your passion flow with you." -Nashwa

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